GridEEG for Physician GridEEG for Physician

GridEEG is the application connected with porting of algorithms for the spectral analysis of resting state EEG rhythms in the Grid environment. In particular, these algorithms allow the estimation of the power spectral density (PSD) of the cortical sources as well as the computation of functional coupling of EEG rhythms by spectral coherence (COH) and Directed Transfer Functions (DTF). These algorithms provide EEG markers that are embedded into a multi-dimensional space (i.e. the EEG features space) for the subsequent classification of Alzheimer (AD) patients and normal elderly (Nold) subjects through a Mahalanobis distance based classifier. This procedure generates a statistical report whose clinical validity is under evaluation.

GridEEG application consists of the following tools:

  • GridEEG-DATA (Ggridified routine for clinical and EEG data storage and management);
  • GriEEG-QUALITY (Gridified routine for the selection of artifact free EEG segments to be further analyzed);
  • GriEEG-SOURCE (Gridified routine for estimation of Power Spectrum Density (PSD) of EEG rhythms at the source cortical level);
  • GriEEG-COHERENCE (Gridified routine for the estimation of Spectral Coherence (COH) between scalp EEG signals);
  • GriEEG-DTF (Gridified routine for the estimation of Directed Transfer Function (DTF) between scalp EEG signals);
  • GriEEG-STAT (Gridified routine for the statistical comparison of the estimated EEG markers with a reference database of Alzheimer's diseased patients (n=100) and normal elderly subjects (n=85) )

The user guide for Physician profile is available here.

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